We are expanding and are looking to add to our team. Join our team at BeKids. We are looking for unique, creative, forward thinking individuals to help develop and facilitate programs for school aged children. 

We are committed to creating a positive, learning and growing experience for every BeKid whether they attend our After Care Porgram, our Camps or our After School Progams.

We strive to create a positive environment for both our participants and employees alike.

Positions currently open:

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Part Time 

Are you:

- in the know when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

- have the knowledge to attract followers with interesting and engaging content

- are able to create content that fits with our brand

- enjoy being on social media and engaging with clients and customers across a wide spectrum

- work with the team to develop and implement a social media strategy that aligns with our business goals

- create, edit, publish and share engaging content 

- monitor social media platforms and report the analytics on a monthly basis and identify areas for improvement and growth

- manage social media accounts and update as necessary

- experience with social media platforms and has a strong following or has evidence of creating a strong following for another business

- strong communications skills 

- able to work independently and meet deadlines

- able to work as a team member

- knowledge of children's and community based programs

Coding/Robotics/Tech Program Instructor

Part Time (10-20 hours per week)

Are you:

- enthusiastically creative in creating coding programs and lessons for school aged children?

- interested in being a part of a team and work to inspire students, staff and community with unique activities that are Technology, Engineering, Computer inclusive and are over all fun fun fun?

- able to show up on time and give your 100%?

- desiring the opportunity to work and take an energetic approach and initiative to grow beyond your role and help the company expand?

- Must love kids!

- Work with director and fellow staff to create monthly themes and lessons.

- Deliver created programs and lessons to school aged children on a weekly/b-weekly basis.

- Punctuality, a team player, strong work ethic and strong communication skills.

- Experience working with children and in a team setting.

- Strong communications skills and ability to hold attention of and manage a group.

- Experience in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Coding,Robotics

If you want to join our team, volunteer or present a partnership program, send your resume, email of interest or proposal to our email address. For those individuals applying for a position with BeKids, please provide us with your resume and cover letter in pdf format.  We look forward to hearing from you. Please be sure to include a phone number on any communications.


Thank you!