Welcome to BeKids. It is our mission to provide a safe and enriching experience for every child and family that joins us. Please read through our policies and procedures so that you may work with us in partnership to create amazing experiences.

COVID Procedures

Morning Drop-Off

  • We will supply hand sanitizers

  • Kids will be washing hand as they come in and after snack.

  • All kids must have a mask or visors 


Before the program begins we will talk about ( New protocol)


What the kids can bring into Bekids?​


  • All kids will have their own bin with all their supplies for the day. (there will be no sharing of supplies)

  • They will have their own section  (only family members will be sitting together.

  • All personal belongings will be going home at the end of the night

Hand Washing Procedures

  • Throughout the day we will be washing hands after outdoor play

  • After using the bathroom

  • After snack

  • We will be updating as things change. (Based on Public Health)

  • We will be sending a lot of time outdoors (Weather permitted)Back at bekids for 4:30th 4:45


Parents will be getting a screening sheet that will be signed every morning when dropping off their child.


We will perform a full cleaning at the end of each day.  


BeKids encourages ideologies that embrace STEM, Creativity, and Social and Environmental Responsibility. BeKids Toronto was created to provide programming to school aged students that is fun and offers guidance in a wide variety of skills and knowledge in diverse areas. BeKids believes in giving children the opportunity to build self-confidence, develop interpersonal skills, boost their self-esteem, become better individuals and work cooperatively as members of a social group.


Hours of Operation

BeKids Before School Program runs from 7:30 am to 8:30 am Monday to Friday excluding holidays. Our After School Program runs from 3:25 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding holidays. 

PD Days and Camps generally run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Dates and times are subject to change and we quite frequently will offer early drop off and late pick up.


We have set some rules for the children to follow so that everyone can enjoy their time and be a part of the BeKids family.

  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

  • There is to be absolutely no swearing or use of inappropriate language.

  • Use your inside voice when you are inside.

  • We have a strict no-tolerance policy regarding sexual or any harassment of any kind.

  • We have a strict no-tolerance policy regarding bullying.


We ask that parents notify us if your child will be absent from the program due to illness, appointments AND play dates. We ask that we are notified not later than 2 pm on the day of the absence. If your child will be absent for Before School Programs, then we require notification the evening prior or prior to 7:30 am the day of the absence. There are no refunds for missed days.

Pick Up Policy

We do not accommodate for pick up from programs outside of the BeKids Program. Please notify BeKids if a person or persons other than those listed on the child's file will be picking up your child. This includes pick ups for play dates. We reserve the right to ask for I.D. Remember this is your child's safety that we are looking out for. 

Health Policy

If your child is sick while in our care, we will follow the proper procedures to provide immediate care as well as contact the parents or guardians. 

BeKids is a nut free zone. If your child has allergies, please be sure to let us know and ensure all items such as an epi-pen are provided with your child.

Staffing, Volunteering, Development & Training

Volunteers and staff are required to obtain a Police Reference Check. We also ensure that all staff have their First Aid and CPR Qualifications. Our senior/supervisory staff have ECE qualifications and are registered with the College of Early Childhood Education. Throughout the year our staff is encouraged to participate in workshops to update their skills. 

Program Withdrawal

We require a minimum of 2 weeks written notice if you choose to with draw your child from the BeKids Program.  Your child will be withdrawn from the program by BeKids if:

  • Payment is not received

  • Your child is having difficulties with the other children or if there are difficulties with the program.

  • If your child poses a risk to the health and safety of the other children, staff or to themselves.Cancellation Policy

  • We will not be offering refunds at this time. Upon request we will transfer your registration to another day. (Refunds will only be offered if the government announces a shutdown or closure)


BeKids does our main communications via email and it is your responsibility to keep BeKids updated on your current email address. 

Cancellation Policy For Camps & PD Days
We will not be offering refunds at this time. Upon request we will transfer your registration to another day. (Refunds will only be offered if the government announces a shutdown or closure)

For our full information or a copy of our Parent's Handbook, please email us at bekidstoronto@gmail.com.