Back to School

We couldn't be more excited than to start another year at BeKids. Our BeKids family is slowly growing and we can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

This year we are dedicating time to put together some amazing programs to offer to our BeKids and to our surrounding schools as After School Programs.

As you know, we are passionate about STEM and Maker Spaces so we are working to incorporate that into our space and our programs.

We love how creative the BeKids can get and we have seen it in our programs and camps. So be ready this year to see some great improvements and changes.

Back to school can always be hectic and maybe even stressful. So here are some tips we have to the transition back into school time routines easier.


1. Start your child off right by re-introducing school year bedtimes and wake up times.

2. Create a central calendar for the family to track after school activities, appointments and other activities.

3. Plan your mornings so they are calm and cheerful. Think ahead to the following morning and where you can lighten the load whether it be making sure breakfast is easy, or pre-making lunches, backpacks are ready and packed. It might be as simple as laying out your children's clothes.

4. If you have rules regarding screen time or electronics, refresh the rules for school time if it is different.

5. Chat with your children about expectations and what they can expect the first day or going into the new school year. This can help them feel prepared.

6. Some families swear by a weekly meal prep plan. this can cut down on preparation and planning throughout the week.

We know there is so much more to starting school. We hope that you have an amazing first week and we can't wait to see our BeKids Family!

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Some of our programs use expensive materials and cannot be substituted with cheaper alternatives. As it is, these fees are then put onto the parents, some too high for parents to afford. To make our programs available to all children we ask for your support to lower the cost of our programs.

Thank you.