Welcome to October

The Summer sure gave us our fair share of crazy weather and here we head through October with highs in the 20's and the next day lows to 6 degrees. We are having a fantastic time this month so far. Check out what we've been up to.

Our first PD Day Camp was so much fun. We brought in Bubble Soccer and the kids had a great time playing soccer and just rolling around. After lunch we did some October Science Fun. the kids created "exploding pumpkins." Okay so they didn't actually explode, but when you add soap and vinegar, they bubble up and out come the spiders. Check out our video below.

As for our After Care program, our older cohort has been heading to the library on Wednesdays after school to participate in the Games Workshop. They have brought back what they are learning and are sharing it with the rest of the BeKids. We've also been very busy with science experiments and celebrating all that Fall has to offer. Check out some of the fun stuff we've been doing below.

October is far from over and we have so much more fun and learning to do. Stay tuned!!!!

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