BeKids Welcomes Fall

We have had a great Fall so far and are still exploring, learning and getting creative. This Fall we have started our healthy snack program and have the kids getting their hands in on the action when it comes to making their healthy snacks. With that being said, we are also teaching the kids about good hygiene especially at this time of year when colds and the flu tend to rear their ugly germ heads.

We concluded our Games Workshop at the Oakwood Library and were very happy to see how much our older cohort enjoyed creating unplugged games. They were excited to bring back what they learned and share it with our younger group, teaching and guiding them through different games. To celebrate, we are going to Snakes and Lattes, a popular games cafe here in Toronto. We can't wait to share the pics with you.

Our PD Day Camp had gorgeous weather and so our kids had an amazing time outside playing and just running around taking in the fresh air. We did a little bit of STEM and created some fantastic LED Clouds for them to take home.

You can get all the information on how it's made right here, by clicking on this LINK

Our PD Day Camp also consisted of some yumtastic pizza making and we have some mad pizza making skills among our crew!

There's never a dull moment at BeKids and the kids have even found homework to be fun. It's our goal to not only provide after care, but to provide a program where children can learn and grow.

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