Winter Holiday Celebrations and Kids

Every year it is brought up again and again, the debate about whether people should say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. There is much to be said for those who wish to just not engage in the debate and do their own thing, and there is even more to be said for those who feel very passionate about it considering that Canada is a richly cultural and religiously diverse country. With all of this being said, what do we teach our children? How do we ensure that our children are being exposed "positively" while still being able to strongly embrace their own traditions and beliefs.

One solution is to teach children't about the many different holidays that are celebrated during the winter season. This allows for a greater appreciation for their own celebrations as well as respecting and understanding others. Check out this fantastic link to a great article that gives advice on how to introduce different December holidays to your children and how you can make them fun and enlightening for the whole family.

Check out the link here.

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