Ring in the New Year Kid Style

If you head over to Pinterest, you will find a thousand and one different ideas you can do to ring in the New Year with kids. Here is a list of 5 of our favorites:

1. Party Games - Whether it is just your immediate family or a group of friends and family, party games are always a hit. It brings people together and is a great way to include your kids into the celebrations. Games such as Twister, Charades, Bingo or Karaoke are all sure to be a hit.

2. Countdown Loot Bags - This is a tradition we do. Ahead of time we make up small loot bags that can be opened up on the hour. These bags can include a small gift, treat or game. It doesn't have to be expensive but gives the kids something to look forward to and will keep them busy throughout the night. Check out examples here.

3. Outdoor Shenanigans - I call them shenanigans but it can just be good ole outdoor fun. If you have a few hours to kill before the ball drops, why not go ice skating, tobogganing or snowman making. There is something fun and exciting about playing outside after dark and past your bedtime. When you are done you can come in from the cold, have a hot cup of cocoa to toast in the New Year.

4. Appetizer - Palooza - I love this idea and found it in a post on huffingtonpost.ca. Each family member gets to pick their favorite appetizer recipe. Once they appetizers are made and ready, enjoy a family movie and then toast to the New Year. A fave for those who like it low key and simple.

5. Count Down Photo Booth - This one sounds unusual but can be a source of some good laughs and great memories. Every hour on the hour as you count down until midnight take a family photo or individual photos. They can be serious but it would be more fun with funny props. You can pick up photo props almost anywhere but probably the best place and least expensive would be Party City or to print them yourself. Get your print outs here.

Whatever you do, it is a time to celebrate and have fun.

Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

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