January - International Creativity Month

Founded by Randall Munson, International Creativity Month is celebrated at the beginning of the year in January. Randall Munson believes that the first month of the year is the perfect time for individuals to take a fresh approach to problem solving with solutions can be applied throughout the year.

Although Munson's main focus is business, he has done much research and has found that people were the most creative within the first five years of their lives. The intent of International Creativity Month is to create success from creative ideas and unleashing the creativity that we had as children. (http://www.creativitymonth.com/)


The great thing about creativity is that it can be very simple or very complex. The most important thing is to take the time to think outside the box and to explore creativity. Here are five

ways that you can celebrate International Creativity Month with your kids.

1) Conversation prompts. Have "creative" conversations with your children using a number of different prompts that encourages them to think creatively.

- If you could have one super power, what would it be?

- If you had a million dollars and could give it to anyone in the world, who would you give it to and why?

- If you could grow or shrink, which would you do and why?

- If you were asked to create a new language that only had very basic sounds, what would it sound like?

-If you were asked to make the next greatest invention, what would it be?

2) Look at optical illusions with your child. Talk to them and ask them what they see. You can check out this link to Optics for Kids here.

3) Visit art galleries or museums. There is no shortage of Art Galleries or Museums in Toronto. Make a point of visiting those you haven't seen before. Check out the Best Museums in Toronto by blogTO here.

4) Make and Create. Make and create pictures, art, books, clay sculptures, bake goodies, color, draw....you name it. Anything that is unconnected and requires you to think and use your creativity counts!

5) Take a class. January is a great time to take a class. Do something you haven't done before. Maybe it's pottery or jewelry making or try your hand at a paint night.

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