Lego - It's not just a bunch of blocks...

I can remember playing with Lego as a kid and now going back to visit my childhood home with my own kids always comes with the excitement that my kids can pull out the old tattered box of random Lego and be occupied for hours during our visit. It is a good kind of "distraction" because they are not only playing but they are using their creative minds to build and create. The same holds true now as Lego has not lost any of what has made it a great toy.

We play with Lego a lot at BeKids and find it to be a good STEM staple. For those of you who may not know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Lego is a tried and true toy that lends itself to each of these topics.

Even the simplest creations take time, effort and creativity. We often will have our BeKids "solve a problem" using Lego blocks because the possibilities are endless. BeKids have made built their names, mazes, cities, robots, buildings, and various other structures. The great thing about Lego is that they can tear it down and then rebuild it again and create something completely different.

Lego has certainly evolved from when I was little and now a days you can purchase sets and systems that take Lego to a new level. Lego has created systems now like Mindstorm and Boost that takes Lego building to a new robotic and coding level. This makes it easier for children to get into the world of robotics and coding without having to get the degree first.

We have had the Lego Mindstorm at BeKids and kids are fascinated by having the ability to not only build but to have their creations come to life using motors, pullies and more.

As you can see, Lego isn't JUST a bunch of blocks. It isn't JUST a toy that causes us to curse to the high heavens when we step on a piece that has been left out. It is a very creative, STEM beneficial, tried and true toy that will entertain generations to come.

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