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If there is one thing that BeKids is passionate about, it is about Making and Makerspaces. A great makerspace is a collaborative work space that encourages making, learning, exploring and sharing the uses of high tech and no tech tools. Often makerspaces are focused towards children, but more and more makerspaces are popping up and are open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs alike. A makerspace can include tech equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering irons and sewing machines, but even the simplest supplies and tools can make for a good makerspace. With schools, libraries and other public services embracing STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) the popularity for making and makerspaces has increased. Even the most simplest of makerspaces can include cardboard, legos, recycled items and craft supplies.

The idea behind makerspaces is to help to provide hands on learning, nurture critical thinking skills, and foster entrepreneurship.

So what about BeKids - It is our dream to further evolve our makerspace. We love to encourage our BeKids to be BEMAKERS, to take on STEM challenges, to create using tech and no tech. We love tinkering, toying around, tearing apart, rebuilding, building and solving problems.

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Some of our programs use expensive materials and cannot be substituted with cheaper alternatives. As it is, these fees are then put onto the parents, some too high for parents to afford. To make our programs available to all children we ask for your support to lower the cost of our programs.

Thank you.