Robotics & Electronics - Huge Benefits for Kids

One of our passions at BeKids is making and MakerSpaces. What we love about the Maker-Movement is it's focus on tinkering, making and creating with electronics and other physical objects. It offers the opportunity to focus on trying new practical skills and the opportunity to reach out to the surrounding community.

One of the many elements in Making and MakerSpaces is working with electronics and robotics. The beauty of making is that projects can be as simple as making a light turn on. We work to take all opportunities to include making and creating at BeKids.

We cannot boast more about how learning about basic robotics and electronics benefits children.

-helps develop problem solving skills

-encourages creativity

-encourages hands development

-reinforces literacy skills

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Some of our programs use expensive materials and cannot be substituted with cheaper alternatives. As it is, these fees are then put onto the parents, some too high for parents to afford. To make our programs available to all children we ask for your support to lower the cost of our programs.

Thank you.