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April 25, 2018


Now that my child is old enough to get homework, it is becoming a bit of a struggle to get her to sit down and actually focus on the task at hand.  Understandably so! She just spent 5 hours at school being a student and the last thing she wants to do is be a student at home too.


There is some debate as to whether kids should have homework. I think there can certainly be some benefits along with some non-benefits to having homework, but while there is still homework being assigned, I want to preserve the sanity of the household by creating a Less-Stress Homework Routine.


The first thing I identified as being a "stresser" while getting my child to do her homework was the constant search for supplies. "I can't find a pencil." "I don't have an eraser." "Where are my crayons?" "I don't have paper." These were all efforts to stall or to not do homework at all. Here are two simple things I do to make homework time less stressful for me and my child:



My child thrives when there is a routine and by creating a simple and easy to follow routine, she isn't met with surprise or the unexpected. Here is an example of our after school routine:

a. Hang coat and put shoes away.

b. Empty lunch bag.

c. Wash hands and get a snack.

d. Spend an hour relaxing and unwinding.

e. Do homework.



Have a space for your child to do their homework whether it be at the kitchen table or at a desk and be sure to be available to help out if they have questions and to monitor their progress. 




A homework station can be easily and affordably made with items from around the home and the dollar store. It can be as simple as a pencil case containing all the tools needed or it can be a tray. Whatever works for you and your child. Include the items that your child uses most. ie pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, crayons, markers, pencil crayons, paper, ruler, calculator...






I like to check my daughter's work. I don't grade it! I ask questions and suggest edits. I don't edit her work for her but by suggesting edits, it teachers her to further review her work. I feel by checking her work, it also helps me keep in touch with what she is learning and at what level. 


Setting your kids up with a good routine will help them when they have to tackle homework in high school and college.







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