Back to School

Wow...what an amazing Summer! We hope you all had great summer's as well. BeKids has been busy with camps and such and getting out and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Right around the corner...only a few, few, short days away the first day of school will be upon us. Are you ready? Are your kids ready? Here are a couple of tips on how to make the transition from summer time to school time a bit smoother.

1) SLEEP SCHEDULES - Often times in the summer, sleep schedules get out of whack. It's a good time to start now and get them back into a regular sleep pattern. Let go of the late nights and get them back to their bedtime routines.

2) SCHOOL SUPPLIES - If you haven't gone shopping and want to pick up supplies for back to school but aren't sure what to get, you can start off with these simple must haves. You will probably get a list or even a better idea of what your child will need after the first day!


-Lunch Bag


-Pencil Crayons


-Pencil Sharpener


-Water Bottle

3) REVIEW - Many kids thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. Reviewing and talking about a typical day can help to alleviate any back to school anxieties or concerns your child may have. This can also help to establish any expectations or responsibilities they may have.

For example... "In the morning we are going to wake up and have breakfast. After breakfast we are going to get ready for school by getting dressed, brushing our teeth and hair. Then we can pack our bag and head to school. After school, .... Will pick you up and will come home, have a snack and do any homework. After homework you can have play time before dinner."

4) HOMEWORK SPACE - Starting the year off with a healthy and effective homework routine can lead to a great deal of less stress for both you and your child. Check out a previous blog Less-Stress Homework for tips on how to set up a homework station and create a routine for both you and your child.

5) LUNCH PLANNING - I know this seems like a super daunting task. I certainly felt that way in the beginning but once I got into a routine I found myself thankful during the morning rush to not have to think or plan too hard for what was going into my child's lunch. There are a number of great blogs and Pinterest posts on back to school meal planning. It really is a matter of finding the right one for you. I have found for myself that pre-packaging/portioning snacks, pre-making salads/sandwiches/bento boxes saved me what felt like a million and one hours in the morning.

Back to school is bitter sweet in that it is a goodbye to summer and a hello to the yearly school routine. I will miss summer lazy days but I know that my child functions really well with the school routine. Back to school certainly doesn't have to be stressful and can be much easier with a little bit of planning!

Have a great school year!!

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