September - The month of games...

Back in 1966, Charles Foley and Neil Rabens invented the game twister which was one of the first games that got the players up using their bodies as playing pieces. It was and is a game that focuses on skill and motion. Well we put a Twist on Twister by combining Twister and letters. We've had an exciting month with our main theme being around games. Our older group started a program at Oakwood Library on Wednesdays. This is a 12 week program that works with kids on developing and creating their own board games. Electronics aside, the focus is on physical games kids can play inside. We've also been playing with games and numbers. Letting the kids get creative in creating their own games in

What makes a good After Care program?

We are always doing research and exploring ways to make our program better, more efficient, more enjoyable and more unique. As I was searching the internet, I came across a number of articles and a number of studies done on what makes an after care program good. Here are some of the criteria to look for: 1) Building, encouraging and helping to explore a young person's strengths and individuality. It's important for a good program to recognise the individuality of each of it's young people and to help to encourage the exploration of their own strengths. There may be children that are very strong in the arts, some perhaps strong in sciences, a good program will provide a diverse amount of act

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Some of our programs use expensive materials and cannot be substituted with cheaper alternatives. As it is, these fees are then put onto the parents, some too high for parents to afford. To make our programs available to all children we ask for your support to lower the cost of our programs.

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